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How to Get unsecured business loan ?

Getting approval for a Business loan is a great task and banks usually do not agree to grant loans under various circumstances, given all the formal procedures, documentation, eligibility criteria, etc. Hence, we at VSURE CFO help you avail loans for business, easily through various reputed banks and NBFCs at a simultaneously lower rate. You may also apply for unsecured loans to meet your marketing and day to day expenses through us.

 What are the documents required for a business loan ?

You will need to show the proof of your identity, address, income (as in the bank statement for the last 2 years), financial documents (containing the profit and loss account, balance sheet etc of last 2 years), proof of business continuation, business ownership proof, audit finances of last 3 years.

 What are some of the activities business loans can be used for?

Capital investment, plans for expansion, funds for better cash flow, get hands-on working capital, facilitate the recruitment process and hire new employees, buy fixed assets are some of the stances where a business loan can be used for.  Business loans may also be used to fulfill all the other needs.

Who can avail of a business loan ?

Self-employed individuals can avail of business loans irrespective of the business they carry on. Some of the business nature include sole proprietorship, partnership firm, Private Limited Companies, closely help public limited companies, societies, trusts, hospitals, labs, and diagnostic centers.

What are unsecured Business loans ?

Unsecured business loans are such loans that do not require you to give or surrender any of your assets as collateral. You may avail an unsecured loan based on the norms of the financial company you are seeking for funds assistance.

Are NBFCs a better option or a banks ?

NBFCs usually provide funds for small scale business organizations and self-employed individuals by helping them meet their small needs. This is the reason why the rate of interest charged by them is as well low, whereas banks provide huge funds for a higher rate. You may choose as per your needs.

Various methods to apply for business loans ?

You may apply for loans online, as all you need to do is place a request and submit all the documents as asked and your loan will be approved. Or you may simply choose to walk in a branch you work with and avail for a business loan.

 How much amount can I apply for ?

You may apply for any amount as you wish, approval of which depends upon your credit score. However, there is an upper limit for a business loan and it stands to be Rs 50 Lakh. Banks or Financial institution you are referring to will give you further information.

What is the rate of interest for a business loan ?

The rate of interest for a business loan depends upon the amount you wish to avail and also the institution you seek out the form. Each of the institutions has different plans and schemes under which they offer business loans, however, its rate is always fixed and not fluctuating.

Which medium can be used to pay back the loans?

This information will be provided to you at the time your loan is being sanctioned, however, for an idea, you may choose any medium for repayment from post-dated cheques, Electronic clearance services, (ECS) or direct debit. Choose the medium at your convenience.

Can minors apply for a business loan ?

No, a minor cannot apply for a business loan and neither is a loan available for people who are above the age of 65 years. The eligible age to avail for business loans is from 25 years to 65 years.

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Sr. No.Documents Of PromotersDocuments & Details In Respect Of Company
Proof of Identity

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    • Voter id 
    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport
    • Driving Licence


  • Business Name 
  • Nature of Goods & Services 
Proof of Address

Scanned Copy of Any One Of Below

  • Promoters Bank account statement /passbook copy
  • Telephone bill copy
  • Electricity bill copy
  • Water bill copy

Scanned Copy of Any One Of Below

  • Registered Office Rent Agreement
  • Registered office ownership deed if owned
  • Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Water bill copy
  • NOC from Landlord 

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