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Applicable for Trust, Society, and Section 8 Company

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Why NGO should have Section 12A Registration

In India, there are lot of charitable and public services NGO that are working for social causes and charitable cause for the welfare of Indian People and society. These NGO are incorporated in form of Trust, Society and Section 8 Company. These organizations collect funds from members of NGOs, from the public and from corporates as well and spend this money for the welfare of the public and members of the organization and for poor people for medical relief, education and for foods and for medical treatment. Nowadays, there are many crowdfunding platforms that collect money through online mode or digital mode from the public and for some special cause which can be medical treatment or a particular life-saving cause.

These organizations have to apply for Income tax exemptions for this money collected for social causes. This exemption can be claimed through the Section 12A Registration Certificate. 

What do you get

Separate Legal Entity

The Private limited company is established under a juristic and legal entity Companies Act, 2013. Therefore it needs to follow the legal capacities of opening a bank account, hire employees and obtaining licenses. The best part is that the directors of a company have no liability in the company’s debt.


Easy Transferability

The company’s ownership can be easily transferred by transferring the shares of the company. All you need is signing, filing and transfer of share forms and share certificates to get Transfer Company’s ownership. In addition, you need to get the consent of shareholders for effective share transfer.


Uninterrupted Existence

A Private Limited has ‘perpetual succession’, that means, it is associated with the uninterrupted existence till it's dissolved. As a corporation may be a separate legal person, it's unaffected by death or alternative the departure of any member and it continues to be in existence no matter the changes in possession.


Easy Debt Access

As a private limited company can easily take a debt as compared to LLPs. Along with the easy option to avail bank loans, your company gets an option to issue debentures and convertible debentures.


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