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Learn Something about TAN Number

TAN, which is the abbreviation for Tax deduction Account Number or tax collection account number, is actually an alpha-numeric number which has a combination of 10 digits. It is owned and obtained by people who are in some way or the other responsible in the TDS or TCS. In either of the case, which is, Tax deduction at source or collect tax at source, people need to obtain a TAN.

You need to apply for a TAN in the first place, and once you have successfully sent in your request for a TAN number you will be able to obtain the number within & to 10 working days. Though, the physical receipt may take time.

A TAN is a Tax deduction Account Number, whereas PAN is a Permanent Account Number and there is no way there is any kind of similarities between both the numbers which can be used as a medium of replacement for each other.

All the individuals or entities who are responsible for TDS or TCS i.e. who deduct or collect tax at source are required to obtain or apply for a TAN. These authorities collect and deduct tax on behalf of the Income Tax Department.

In the offline process, you need to submit a filled-in Form 49B at any of the TIN-FC which is managed by the NSDL. The online process involves filling up the same 49B form at the NSDL-TIN website and doing the needful.

The TAN you will be allotted will be issued by the income tax department. If you wish to make online applications, you need to submit the application at the NSDL-TIN website or to TIN-FCs which is managed by the NSDL. TAN will be sent to your mentioned address.

You are not required to submit any other additional documents for the registration of TAN. But, if you choose to apply for TAN online, you need to the signed acknowledgment after filling the form is to be forwarded to the NSDL.

Application for TAN can only be sent through a form which is referred to as the Form 49B. You need to download the form from the online portal or you may even obtain the form from any of the other sources.

There is a fee of Rs 50, which is to be submitted as the fee for processing your request for application. This fee is exclusive of the service charge and hence the actual amount you might need to pay may be more than Rs 50.

No, either for the case of tax deduction at source or tax collection at source, no different TAN numbers are to be obtained. Both the activities are to be done under the same number. Also, it is not applicable for a person to hold 2 TAN numbers.

You need to make sure that the application form is completely filled in with genuine and correct data. If any issue is found, or incomplete form is submitted, your application might be rejected, so you need to cross check before submission.

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